Anas A. Hamra - I was born in Qatar on 1991 - came to Gaza-Palestine in 2000 - traveled many countries in the Middle-East and United States (Studied at New York University in 2013 -Journalism and Social Entrepreneurship classes-), working at journalism & Social Media field, am a Media Producer and New-Media Specialist, working with many local and international organizations & private sector, and created many projects as a freelancer, and also having my own startup business called RED Media Production for Multimedia and Information Technology Solutions. I’m interested in New Media Marketing and business, photography, film making, Media Production and blogging by the means of which I can spread my thoughts and experiences around the world about humanity.



1st Rule in #GazaUnderAttack survival Plan:
Whenever u hear Israeli jets over ur head; DO NOT WORRY! Their targets would be far from it’s (ur) position
2nd Rule of #GazaUnderAttack survival Plan:
Pay attention when u walk beside buildings’ edges, there’re probably damaged parts barely hanged
3rd Rule #GazaUnderAttack Survival Plan:
You should learn how to deal with wounds & do FirstAid
4th Rule #GazaUnderAttack Survival Plan:
Remember the following emergency numbers hotlines:
Police: 100
Ambulance: 101
Firetruck: 102
5th Rule #GazaUnderAttack Survival Plan:
Try to scan your area to predict any potential targets by IAF.

I did buy #Assaf360 World Cup single song . Yalla guys buy it now! @MohammedAssaf89 @UNRWA

Welcome Pope Francis to #Palestine
مرحبا بالبابا فرانسيس الأول في #فلسطين

My fav. one, Thanks @MazajPs (at Mazaj Express)


"Kid, Where are your parents?"
“At Home.”
“Why would they let you sell these ID covers in the streets?”
“Not a choice, my father was hit by a car and got disabled. He can’t work anymore.”
- وين أهلك عنك يا عمو؟
- في البيت
- ليش مخلينك تبيع بيوت الهوية بالشارع؟
- مش بخاطري، أبويا خبطتو سيارة، وصارتلو إعاقة، ما بقدر يشتغل

Seen in #Gaza Palestine
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