Anas A. Hamra - I was born in Qatar on 1991 - came to Gaza-Palestine in 2000 - traveled many countries in the Middle-East and United States (Studied at New York University in 2013 -Journalism and Social Entrepreneurship classes-), working at journalism & Social Media field, am a Media Producer and New-Media Specialist, working with many local and international organizations & private sector, and created many projects as a freelancer, and also having my own startup business called RED Media Production for Multimedia and Information Technology Solutions. Iā€™m interested in New Media Marketing and business, photography, film making, Media Production and blogging by the means of which I can spread my thoughts and experiences around the world about humanity.

Once upon a time in Gaza, there was …

When things are getting just worse and you feel hopeless. Take Mac.

The best Thai food I’ve ever made with a secret spices that I already forgot how-to prepare šŸ˜‡ (at Hamra)

Guess what I found when I visited Shujaiya E #Gaza, two days ago. Someone still alive!!